Past & Current Presidents 1987 to Date

1. Alh. Momodou Momar Taal (JP)

(Dodou Taal)
1st IAG President – 1987 to 1991 and former Managing Director/ CEO of Capital Insurance Company Ltd.

2. Alh. Babou A.M.Ceesay

President – 1991 to 1993
Former President WAICA/AIO
Former Managing Director/CEO Senegambia Insurance Company Ltd.
Instrumental in relocating WAII to The Gambia from Liberia in 1990

3. Mr. Kawsu Darboe

President – 1993 to 1994
Former Managing Director Gambia National Insurance Company Ltd and Global Security Insurance Company Ltd.

4. Deborah H. Forster

President 1994 TO 1998
Managing Director/CEO Great Alliance Insurance Co Ltd

5. Mr. Bai Ndongo Faal

IAG President 1998 TO 2000 / Former AIO President
Former Managing Director/CEO IGi Gamstar Insurance Company Ltd

6. Alh. Pa Alasan Jagne

IAG President 2000 TO 2002/ Former AIO President
Former Managing Director/CEO Prime Insurance Co Ltd
Former Chairman Council of Bureaux
Former Chairman National Bureau The Gambia

7. Shahrokh Izadi

Former President IAG 2002 TO 2004
Former Managing Director, Londongate Insurance Co Ltd.

8. Mrs. Aja Senor Thomas Sowe

Former President WAICA
Former President IAG 2004 TO 2008
Former Managing Director/ CEO International Insurance Co Ltd.
Vice Chairperson Royal Insurance Gambia Limited

9. Mr. Dawda Sarge

Managing Director/CEO Prime Insurance Co Ltd
Former President WAICA
Former President IAG 2008 TO 2012
Current Chairman, National Bureau ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme

10. Mr. Almammy B. Jorbarteh

President IAG, 2012 TO 2017
Managing Director, Sunshine Insurance Co Ltd

11. Makaireh Badjan

Managing Director/ CEO
Royal Insurance Gambia Limited
President IAG 2017 TO Date
President WAICA 2017 TO Date